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About Mr. Pradeep Adwani


Mr. Pradeep Adwani is one of the foremost young & dynamic artists  of his generation in India. A unique blend of talent, devotion, wit, discipline & oration, he comes across as an artist of true substance. His splendid devotion to the field of Music & Dance for the past many years puts across the truth that he is an expert in his field of work. 


Mr. Pradeep Adwani has explored each aspect of Music – Vocal, Dance & Instrumental. An effervescent, energetic & glorified sadhaka of art being One of its kind, an ardent devotee of Lord MAHAKALESHWAR; he is a Vocalist, a Dancer, a Performer, an Instrumentalist, a Composer, a Choreographer, an orator, a Poet, a Voracious reader, a Philosopher, a Lyricist & not only a Teacher to his students but also their friend, mentor & guide.

Mr. Pradeep Adwani has rendered exceptional presentations for Dance & Singing in numerous musical events in India & abroad. He had a Special Guest appearance in a lot of T.V. shows like Superstar, Star Yaar Kalakar, Aaj tak, India TV, Antakshari, Doordarshan, , Sa re ga ma , Dhoom macha de dhoom, Naya roop nayi Zindagi (Sony TV), etc. He has also judge many prestigious Dance & Music competitions.

Being himself an expert in various dance forms be it Kathak contemporary, Jazz, Salsa, Ballroom, Bollywood or Hip Hop dance forms; he aspires to bring a revolution in the field of music. A unique presentation of Music & Dance, which would ameliorate the perception that people have towards Music& Dance i.e. Dance which would be understood & felt by the common people; a contemporary way of presentation which would glorify the dance forms that exist on earth. He intends to bring forth a unique fusion would be unheard of &not witnessed before.

Presently, Mr. Pradeep Adwani is making students adept in both Indian & western Dance & Music by teaching them in his own established Institute named PAIPA in New Delhi & Noida where approximately two thousand students from all walks of life are under his direct concern.

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